I chopped my hair off . . . I feel like myself again!!! Long hair is nice but it's not me . . . if I had time to "do" my hair every day, I think I'd keep it long- you know, blow dry & curl. But pre-baby I didn't do that so I'm certainly not going to now! Anyway, this feels more like me :)

And one more . . . Jer went to the consignment shop with Shannon & I and wanted to buy everything! I got some needed clothing for Shannon and Jer picked out rain boots and this rain jacket . . . it will fit her forever (it's size 6-12 months) . . . we went on a walk in the rain and then plopped her on the bed . . . she didn't move :)

Well, it's our weekend- long and tiring. Tomorrow the boys work & play all day- I have a few REALLY fun (I hope) activities planned for them and then we'll probably do swimming and tennis. Sunday morning we make breakfast for the Ranch (egg burritos) and then church. Catch you on Monday!


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