I had a new kit to use (Amanda Rockwell- see left) and wasn't feeling creative . . . so I made some cards! I printed the digi paper and then chopped away! I'm pretty happy with how they look!

Also finished a few pages:

We had our "first annual" 5K race at the children's home this weekend. Jeremiah and one of our boys participated . . . much to his surprise Jer came in 4th!!!! And I tease him that you can't even count the first three because they were age 11, 15 and 18 . . . what 31 year old man can compete with that? All the other "old" people were far behind him!!! I was quite proud, to say the least.

Before the race
Starting out

At the top of the "hill" (come on, it's Florida)

The Winners!!!!

In other news, Shannon is EIGHT months old today! Hard to believe . . . she's getting too old already! Well, I need to make the most of my time while she's asleep . . . so I better get going! Thanks for reading :) feel free to leave me a comment and make me smile!


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