The Boys, an intro.

Ahhhh, that's a happy sigh of life returning to normal. We're into our second week of school here (well the BOYS are in their second week of school!), and although I'll never get used to school starting so early here in the south; it's good to be back in our routine!


I realize I didn't talk much about the boys last year- mostly because there is so much to talk about with just my kids and partly because sometimes I don't know what to share without boring you! But I do want to share more this year- partly so you can learn about & pray for our boys; and partly so I DO have a record of our lives with them!

As I thought of "code names" for them, I was thinking about their issues- thinking of names like "sneaky" and such. And then I realized what a horrible thing that is- I need to breathe and speak life into them. So as I introduce you, their code names will be what I want to see God do for them.


First we have Joyful Boy. What a hard story of the death of his mother just two years ago. Life with a dad who only speaks negative (after not seeing him for a week, he walked in our cottage and said "whatcha ain't got your shoes on for boy?" Um, maybe because we don't wear shoes in the house? How about "hello son!"). A step-mom and siblings who are already a painful mess. Joyful Boy needs help working through trauma, finding joy in his life in the form of Jesus and learning that he IS loved, that he CAN do something right. He is painfully lazy (why try if you always get criticized, right?) and it's hard to find ways to encourage him and yet keep our expectations high.

Strong Man is on his third year with us. Last year we watched him grow from a sad and withdrawn boy, to a more confident pre-teen. Now he is at that strange intersection of boy and man. Conflicting with step-dad at home, who doesn't want him there. Neither respects the other. He has a tight bond with Jeremiah and our prayer is that he sees what a man should be like and that it fully is imprinted into his heart and mind this year.

Friendly Spirit. Last year I affectionately (?) referred to him as my gnat or my mosquito. Because he hovers around irritating and annoying everyone. This year I pray that God grants him a peaceful and friendly spirit. Ten years of doing his own thing, getting his own way and being unbelievably disrespectful to his mother . . . we have a lot of character issues to work on. We need wisdom to know how to deal with the constant disobedience and lack of ability to get along with anyone.

Gentle Leader is a new boy to us, on his second year at the Ranch. Honestly I don't feel like I really know him well yet. But I've seen a gentle and teachable spirit, a willingness to obey and a desire for relationship. He's one of our more "easy" boys and I can already see the willingness to do the right thing and not follow the "little ones" in the cottage.

And then we have two new boys . . . . depending on the hour it changes what I want to call them. And choosing something positive can be a challenge to say the least. Let's see if I can do this . . .

Steady Heart
has been with us for a week. He is the sweet boy referred to in the previous post . . . and although his first reaction to anything is high drama, for the most part it is now contained. The meal drama continues, though he doesn't carry-on about it, he still isn't eating much more than 3 tablespoons of food per meal! But we'll get there. Get this, today I actually said "he is a FUNNY, FUNNY boy!" Wow, he's come a long way in a week. Still needs to learn to relax, chill and not overly freak out about everything but he did just turn ten. HA!

Healthy Boy just turned 10. He is considered "morbidly obese," a term I hate but now understand. It's a struggle for him to stand for 30 minutes and fold clothes, let alone doing all the other tasks we require. He hasn't been well taken care of and it's pretty obvious. He struggles with being defiant and manipulative. He's only been here for 2 days, so I don't know him well yet. I'm sure my opinions will change and grow on this one!

So there you have our first six boys! And I hear a wind of a 7th arriving soon! Whew!

My kids? Really wanting their morning "school time," which they take very seriously. More on exactly what we do, later.



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