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Life as "normal" as resumed . . . or something like that :) HA! Sunday we had three boys return- two from our cottage last year and a little guy who moved up from the youngest cottage. A fourth boy returned today (also moved up from the youngest cottage). This gives us a 13 year old, 11 yr and two 1o year olds. On Sunday another 10 yr will be coming! That's the youngest cottage we've ever had- our normal "average" is 11-12.

(A picture of Kyle, from 2005. He just turned 18 and entered the military this week!)

So we're looking at a "younger" year- a bit more patience required with "annoying" behaviors, teaching chores, simpler devotions, etc. But it's a good thing- we really love the younger boys and Jeremiah is SUCH a fantastic "fun" dad, that I'm glad to see that energy able to be used and focused!

(Two of the loudest boys I've ever had. At the same time. But aren't they cute? 2006)

We've had a rough week with Shannon- hard to know how much is "3 1/2" behavior and how much is life-in-transition behavior! Either way she's getting the "brick wall of consistency" from her parents on one hand and a lot of hugs & snuggles on the other hand . . . and hopefully we'll make it out from this tunnel soon! I don't like this snarly talking and loud crying, lack of naps and early rising!! Just some honest talking from me here :)

(First picture I took in NY and still one of my favorite from the summer.)

Hmmm, what else? I really need to pull my camera out- it's kind of been put aside these last busy weeks of staff training and getting ready for the boys. We've been trying to work on our garden and can I tell you it is SO SO SO hot and humid outside? Oh my goodness! To steal a line from someone else "my sweat is sweating!" Pictures and updates on that coming. Two from summer- gramma & grampa love!



Warning, personal rambling ahead. Followed by pictures.

One of the most fantastic things about our summer break was the time Jer & I spent together. I don't talk about it much because most people don't understand, but working together and more importantly, working as houseparents is very, very, very challenging/hard on a marriage. Combine that with the fact that we started doing this {house parenting} on our one year anniversary . . . let's just say we've had our shares of ups and downs. We share a very stressful job and so we have the same stressful situations to deal with. We don't get a break from each other. Most women "complain" about trying to find time together . . . we have to try to make good time away from each other! Coming up with things to talk about? Equally challenging. We can't even "come home" and talk about our day because our day was together! And let's face it, when you spend all day, every day together, no matter how much you love each other, you see every.little.tiny.detail, every day . . . and it's easy to either take each other for granted or get sick of each other!

Unless you work on it.

This summer was fantastic. I cannot tell you the last time we had so much fun together, for such a long period of time. Jeremiah is a fantastic dad and it was awesome watching him play and just be able to relax with our kids.


I'm looking forward to heading into this year with those memories behind us and refreshing us- as we are in our 12th year of marriage and 11th year as houseparents!

Hey, you don't work together this long without the amazing ability to ride a tandem bike together!


Anonymous said…
I love reading your blog!!! You usually write stuff I already know but you are so good at expressing yourself! It sounds like Shannon is reacting to having to share her parents. She only had Forest to share you with all summer...I love the pictures, expecially the one of you and Jer on the tandem. It was such a blessing to your Dad and me to see you guys enjoying our bike! He changed the seats and I'm in front now!!! love Mom
Pam said…
That pic of you and your husband on the bike is so awesome, and funny!! I don't think I have actually ever seen a bike like that...LOVE IT!! :D I also agree with your mom, you're great at telling it how it is! Makes me feel like I am not the only one in the world "struggling, but loving just about every minute of it", and being honest. I am sorry I didn't get a chance to at least stop and say hello while you were in NY. Take care!

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