New Boy

New boy came last night. Having a very hard time #1 being away from mom and #2 being told what to do. #2 is a really big deal. I mean REALLY.

Today during work detail (simple job- pull weeds) he is crying, wailing, sniffing, complaining, telling us we can't do this to him and his mom would "freak out" if she knew what we were doing to him . . . never mind that Jeremiah and two other boys were digging huge piles of dirt . . . while all he had to do was an easy job of pulling weeds.

The crying continues. Threatening to throw up. Laying down. More crying.

Shannon comes wandering by, concerned that he's so upset and tries to encourage him:

"Hey Boy (insert name here), look at me! I am pulling weeds and I'm not even crying!"

Unfortunately I think he was too mad to notice her sweet encouragement.

Further updates on Boy tomorrow. Work detail was followed by a refusal to eat 3 bites of dinner. Threatening to throw up. Crying loudly in the cafeteria. The good thing- he is completely exhausted from not wanting to go to bed last night. Tonight should be easy. Pray for Boy to learn this is a safe place and that boundaries are what keeps him safe, not the "freedom" he's had at home.


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