Sorry for the delay, we suddenly lost internet on Saturday and didn't get it back until Tuesday (good old Bellsouth again!).

Anyway, here is the next set of house pictures- our bedroom. I LOVE this room, since this is the first time that we have a cozy bedroom (since having kids) that isn't also a storage area!

Here is the view when you walk in the door from the hallway. The curtains are basic Ikea ones, just something to add texture and softness without blocking light. The view out the big window is into my garden area. The frame over the bed is waiting for the perfect 12x12 photo (or more likely scrapbook page). I'd love to have someone take a family picture of us to put there.

Looking back toward the door into the hallway, is my computer area. Carefully hidden behind more of the Ikea curtains! They are open most of the time, but when I have company I can pull them closed or if I need a peaceful setting I can close them and not see all the papers!

Looking at the foot of the bed. The white door that is closed is my closet. The picture on the left is a framed watercolor that a little girl in Taiwan did for me about 11 years ago. The huge mirror (which has great wood detail actually) was a gift from my friend Janet, when she moved to Indonesia. We have our basket of library books underneath and my nursing chair on the left.

From the far side of the bed- the bathroom door and our dresser full of junk.

This is a peek into the bathroom. It's very hard to photograph because it's so small. But before there was an "antique rose" border at the top with matching shower curtain and accessories. Very 80's.

That's it for now, I have a bunch of projects I want to get some work done on this morning!


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