From the Outside In

I LOVE seeing pictures of people's houses, don't you? It gives you a snapshot into their lives, you get to see little details that make them real. Especially when things aren't magazine perfect! You've heard a lot about our new house but I've been terrible at pictures.

Thus starts a look at our house! The finished parts, the unfinished parts. The real. Today time is limited . . . BUT we've **just about** survived the two hardest weeks of the Ranch year- our boys are only in school from 9-1, leaving us with precious little time to "do life." But that all ends on Monday! I can do it!

So we'll start the tour with the outside. (Remember, if you want to see details, click on the picture to see it larger)

This is what you see when you walk across the yard- a look at the house. The left-hand side of the house and door are the "boys" part of the cottage. The right hand side (from the right edge of the house, past the door with a G, to the large window) is where we live. The green building to the left is the library and immediately to the right (actually the roofs touch!) is the neighboring cottage.

Here is a closer view of the side of our apartment. If you peek to the right past Jeremiah, you can spy our "secret garden" area.

And a closer look toward the cottage entrance.

Here is a peek at our front door, which still has to be painted a navy blue color. I have some of my more special {former} houseplants here and usually there is a red wagon and stroller sitting here, as well as a multitude of shoes. Not sure why they aren't here now, ha!

And this is my view as I step out the front door. I love that it looks so much like a jungle! Reminds me a bit of Malaysia with this cool old tree and staghorn fern in it! The large building in the distance is the cafeteria- one of the reasons I love living here, it's SO close! Took a ton of stress out of my life!

So there you have it! Stay tuned for the inside . . . .


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