Books, books, books!

We love reading in our house. I especially enjoy books that have great stories but also have good pictures. I hate when we get a book to read and the pictures are of a poor quality! Here are a couple favorites of ours right now.

Anna and the Bagpiper - a wonderful story about a little girl who meets a mysterious man playing the bagpipes. Pictures are of twilight and sunset, beautifully colored. A perfect gift for a little girl.

You can get it used here.

Water Dance- HA! I just realized these two books were by the same author as I was doing this post. Boy I'm brilliant. Anyway! This book could actually be used as a science textbook about the cycles of water. That aside, the pictures again are beautifully done, talking about all the cycles water goes through. It's almost a poem. Perfect gift for a boy or girl, also anyone who is doing homeschooling!

You can get it used here.

All Things Bright and Beautiful- Amazing pictures and words to this precious song. In fact I've often thought about framing some of the pictures!

You can get it used here.

I have a few other favorites that we'll do another post on, at another time. In the interest of helping spur on the love for reading & writing, we are going to be giving book-writing related gifts this year. A few ideas . . .

Buy a book from Blurb . . . a self-publishing website. A cookbook, a photo-book or even a children's book! You have to wade through random "private" books but I've found several I thought would be super fun to try out as gifts.

What Am I? - ABC book with fun colors

Backyard letters - A book using things all around us to show letters.

Or make a book yourself! Okay, gotta run! Hope you enjoyed this :)


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