On This Day

I can't do any more house pictures because I need to TAKE the pictures.

I wanted to do an update on my various projects, but I need to get enough pictures.

So I got to thinking about time . . . and decided to do a walk down memory lane. I looked through my files for pictures as close to September 1st as I could find. Here they are.

2003- Newly arrived in Malaysia, struggling to be dorm parents in a school with no concrete or set in stone rules and a dorm staff in chaos. Hard, hard days that I would never want to live over again, no matter how much I got paid!

2004- LOVING life as a dorm mom this year! Our dorm was amazing and we are figuring out how to parent all these different personalities and survive at this crazy school

2005- My dear friend Julia had her baby the month before. I practiced my photo skills on her and Story (and yes, what pathetic skills!). Here they are in their "one month" shot! I was hoping that I would soon be pregnant too, as we had just moved back from Malaysia and decided it was time to start our own family. I had no idea it would take two more years before I would be pregnant but God gave me Julia and Story to enjoy this time of life with.

2006- My brother (in his fitness kick), playing soccer on a lovely night with the boys.

2007- My 18 week picture, pregnant with Shannon. I thought I was positively HUGE! What an exciting time of life- full of joy and anticipation of this precious baby girl who would soon be joining us.

2008- And look at this little chubster of a girl! What a darling girl, filled my days with laughter and love. We are just having fun living life!

2009- Just a month away from Forest joining us, I spend all my extra energy with this little ball of joy and life. What a character she is turning out to be! I'm excited to meet this little boy but nervous about having time for my little girl. What will our family be like as four?

2010- We've come a long way baby!


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