Getting rid of STUFF!

So we've been happily living in our new {bigger} house for about four months now. We love having the extra space, but even before we moved in, I've been determined that more space DOES NOT equal more stuff!

Granted, that is hard to do. It's so easy to see something (in our case, most of the stuff comes free from donations or gifts) and say "oh we can put it . . . " But I don't want that! I love having big empty spaces in our home, places where we can dance, lay on the floor, wrestle, etc. And I love the calm feeling that empty space gives.

Three days ago I was getting ready for Shannon's nap time, and helping her clean up. And it was taking TOO long. I realized it was time to get rid of more stuff. It should not take long to pick up (unless friends come over who play by dumping ALL the toys on the floor first).

So we've been busy this week getting rid of stuff. Feels good to purge and organize.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of what we've been up to over the past few weeks.

My two-going-on-twenty year old . . . talking on the phone to Uncle Dean.

Jer got the swing up in our back yard! Yeah for saving mom's sanity! It's so hard to have to hold him when we're outside watching the boys (we can't put him on the ground b/c of fire ants EVERYWHERE).

Shannon got a visit from the Nerd Fairy.

We got five precious boys back . . . and they are doing remarkably well thus far. Shannon's thrilled to have them back of course and thinks she's one of them.

Both kids continue to amaze me. They way they already play together blows my mind. They play chase, hug and wrestle, etc. I love that they are building the foundation for a close relationship already.

Forest . . .
* took his first steps this week. I'm so not ready for another toddler!
* moved into his own bedroom at night on Monday. I'm not crazy about trekking across the house at night when he wakes up (that's a post in and of itself) but we were waking him up in the morning, so out he went!

Shannon . . . .
* Is being potty trained. Or at least I'm going crazy trying. Her diapers are falling apart and I'm not buying new ones at this point. And she was getting rashes. It's been a long week . . . the biggest problem being that she doesn't go pee very often (no matter how much I give her to drink!). BUT p**p is in the potty!!!!!!!!!!! So at least that's one "big" hurdle we're getting across. I know she'll eventually get it but I sure am getting sick of the smell of pee!

Well there you have it! I'll be back this week with pictures of the next room . . . our master bedroom!


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