Welcome to the House, part TWO

Welcome to part TWO of the "our house" tour! Today we're welcoming you into the entrance of our house, a hallway including my pantry at one end and my craft closet on the side. Two of the best features of our house!

This is what you might see upon opening our door . . . the hallway with a small child (or two) poking out from behind the craft closet curtains. The babes love to play with these and pretend they are taking a shower. To the left is the entrance to the kitchen and past that on the left is Shannon's door. To the right (before the craft closet) is the master bathroom. Then you see the closet and then the master bedroom door. Straight ahead is the pantry!

Let's take a "real" look at the craft closet, in use. Of course I could have prettied it up for you but this is what it looks like a lot of the time, as I'm usually involved in projects! Starting at the top you have all Jer's magazines (in green Ikea boxes). Second shelf is stacks of various kinds of paper (on the right), cardstock, coloring books, drawing pads (all different kinds of paper- watercolor, charcoal, etc.). Boxes of crafting supplies (glitter, sequins, random containers, fabric paints, etc.) and then scrapbooks on the far left. They happen to be covered up with photos that need to be filed.

Next we have my nifty Ikea {kitchen} bar, with hanging tins filled with gel pens, Jer's drawing supplies, pens, etc. Tape and scissors hang from the hooks, as well as a bird house that needs painting.

The desk has my sewing machine (kept on the far right when not in use) and whatever I'm working on, in this case it was curtains for the boy's bedroom. Underneath are storage containers with adhesives, felt & fabric, ribbons, stickers, etc. etc.

I LOVE having all my stuff in one place- we craft and create a LOT and this makes it so much easier. Plus the curtains pull closed and the house looks neat.

Next we have the pantry. Nothing special to describe, just a room full of food! And yes, I know it's fun to snoop around other people's houses to see what they {really} eat or do, so this is an unedited version- all the junk food is in plain sight :) I do LOVE our chalkboard door. Super easy, goes on just like paint and we've enjoyed a lot of drawing already on this.

If you turn back around toward the front door, one of my favorite things are these hooks. They keep hats and bags (and in the winter it will be jackets) organized and not all over the house! LOVE it!

There you have it, welcome to our house!


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